Manage Forms is included on all mobile & website plans that have General Views activated and allows you to create your own or use our premade form templates to generate leads, distribute surveys or collect data.

How can I create my own form?

You can easily create a new dynamic form by using our form creation wizard that will guide you through the process within minutes. We highly recommend reading carefully read through all the instructions and not skipping any steps. Note that the form creation or editing process is the same for both mobile apps & websites.

Once within each form, you may add, remove, rearrange and edit form fields and modify the properties of the form again. 

All our forms come equipped with an invisible anti-spam box making sure you don’t receive any spam and inaccurate messages. What is more, you can add you own reCAPTCHA if you wish.

Can I use HTML?

You can use the "Free Text" field in order to insert HTML to your form. An easy way to do so is to insert your content (along with images and special formats) to a text editor and then turn it to HTML. However, you need to make sure any images are uploaded to your Admin Control Panel.

Admin & User Emails

In this section you can edit the emails that will be sent either to the Admin that will be receiving the form submissions or to the users, as confirmation. Moreover you can pick a title for the emails and edit the email content itself. You may also pick some of the ready-to-use tags that can be found on the right of the screen (the blue button named "Toggle Quick Add").

How can I view my submissions?

You can easily view all your submissions by navigating to the appropriate section within each form. Moreover, you can export all data in numerous file formats. Lastly, you can pick which data is important to you from each form so that you can view or export the important ones.

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates how you can use premade forms or create & modify custom ones for your mobile apps & website. 

Please note that some of the features and options displayed in this video might not be available or active in your plan.

If you have questions while watching, just ask us using the messenger in the lower right corner of this page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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