Looksomething radio mobile apps are equipped with native audio players allowing your listeners to easily stay tuned at all times. More specifically, our radio network mobile plan allows you to add unlimited radio stations to your app and categorise them according to your liking by visiting Mobile Stations within your Admin Control Panel.

Your users can browse through categories in a user-friendly environment, switch between radio stations and audio streams, look for specific stations using the search field or set their favourite ones for quicker access upon app launch.


An overview of all categories is available here. You can easily publish or unpublish them, rearrange their order using "drag & drop", copy, delete or create new ones.

Moreover, you can edit their names, publish or unpublish them, assign them to others or set them as root (parent categories).

In case you have added several radio stations, consider creating categories, to make browsing through radio stations easier for your listeners. For example, you can group radio stations together and categorise them by genre e.g. Jazz, Rock etc. or language.


Visiting the Items tab allows you to create new radio stations or edit existing ones, publish or unpublish them, set their display order in mobile apps, copy or delete them.

Each radio station has a title, motto (displayed right below the title), logo* (up to 8 MB), RSS feeds, a photo gallery (created in Manage Galleries), its own URLs, e.g. social media & websites and can be assigned to one or more categories (created in Categories).

Different selections for different languages can be made, in case you have added more than one to your plan.

What is more, by getting Program and Producers, each station can get its own program and producers. Both of them will be displayed on separate tabs as soon as users pick a radio station.

*Please note that you need to make sure not to include spaces or any special characters to the names of the images you upload.

Streaming URLs & CODECs

Furthermore, each radio station can optionally have up to 2 audio streams e.g. for different bit rates, each one with its own title, streaming URL and CODEC

Make sure that at least one streaming URL is live and broadcasting; invalid, inactive or restricted streaming URLs can lead to application disapproval from the Application Stores during their submission. One effective way to confirm if a streaming URL is valid is to test it in a media player like VLC or WinAmp.

Video Tutorial

The following video tutorial demonstrates how you can create and edit radio stations and categories using your Admin Control Panel.

Please note that some of the features and options displayed in this video might not be available or active in your plan.

If you have questions while watching, just ask us using the messenger in the lower right corner of this page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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