Looksomething radio websites are equipped with user-friendly audio players allowing your listeners to stay tuned at all times. They are a powerful and multi-functional tool that can keep your listeners engaged.

It is included on all Radio Solution plans, mobile & website while it can also be added as an Addon in Universal and News-RSS Solution plans. 

You can learn more about its full features and how your listeners can use it by visiting our relevant article. Note that you can completely personalise your web player's appearance by visiting Theme Style inside your control panel.

Modifying your website player

Visiting Website Player within your Admin Control Panel allows you to modify some technical aspects, such as your streaming URLs and CODECs. 

Notice that you can add up to two audio streams so that your listeners can easily switch between them e.g. different bitrate qualities or even different radio stations. 

Video Tutorial

The following video tutorial demonstrates how you can edit your radio station and your website player using your Admin Control Panel.

Please note that some of the features and options displayed in this video might not be available or active in your plan.

If you have questions while watching, just ask us using the messenger in the lower right corner of this page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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