In URLs, you can create and edit URLs that you can later use in various sections of your mobile apps & website. Once created, URLs can be used in various sections of your mobile apps & websites e.g. General Views Items, Authors, About, Menus, Producers etc. 

How can I create URLs?

Visiting URLs in your control panel will allow you to get an overview of all your URLs. You can easily publish or unpublish them, rearrange their display order within your mobile apps & website using Order Priority, copy, delete, edit or create new ones.

Once within a URL item, you can manage its various details like its title, link and icon. In case you have added more language to your plan, you can set a different title & link for each one.

Please note that there is no limit to the number of URLs you can add.

Mobile URLs

In mobile URLs section, you get to choose whether you want this specific URL to be opened within your mobile application (in WebView) or using another application like Safari, Chrome etc.

Website URLs

To begin with, in the website URLs section, you can select whether URLs can open in a new or the same tab.

Secondly, you may optionally select a website position for your URL. Each category is assigned to predefined positions according to the website template being currently used. In general, Useful Links may contain partner websites, Social Networks are your own social media profiles and Hyperlinks may lead to internal or external webpages. Your URL will then appear in the selected website sections e.g. header, footer, social networks section etc.

Video Tutorial

The following video tutorial demonstrates how you can create and manage URLs for your mobile apps using your Control Panel.

Please note that some of the features and options displayed in this video might not be available or active in your plan.

If you have questions while watching, just ask us using the messenger in the lower right corner of this page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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