Cover Art Addon allows you to display the Album Cover of the song that is being broadcasted by matching the metadata (song title - artist name) sent with your streaming URL with databases stored in; if a match is not found, your radio station's logo will be showed instead.

However, if you maintain your own album cover database it is possible to use yours instead of one. 

What is the process?

In order to do so, certain information will be required.

To begin with, a URL, usually .php, will be needed. When we request that URL, the response must be JSON in form of:

  1. {"artworkimage":"the URL of the image will be placed here"} - if image URL exists
  2. {"artworkimage":"noArtwork"} - if image URL does not exist

This could be managed in two ways:

  • You could check your side and bring us the image link. 

Please notice that you only need to provide us with one URL containing all your album covers. Each time you make a change in its contents, those changes will be automatically be applied, provided that the URL remains unchanged.

  • We can send you art_string & tit_string as POST parameters from the mobile devices

We would need an HTTP request to run with POST parameters so that we can get your album cover images and not your direct image links. 

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