Windows Push Notifications, a feature available for all our windows apps, is offered as an Addon and can be purchased by logging in to your account and clicking Get Addons.

They are not a stand-alone service and they are only compatible with our applications. In case you want to learn more about Push Notifications in general, how do they work and how you can use them please refer to our relevant article.

What should I do in case I want to add push notifications to my Windows app?

To begin with, you need to purchase the Windows push notification addon, by logging in to your account.

Secondly, you need to acquire your own Microsoft Developer Account, by visiting and then provide us with your login credentials.

Next, you need to register for an Azure account at and again provide us with your credentials. Doing so will allow us to access your account and activate the Push Notification Hub for your Windows app.

Microsoft has certain predefined pricing plans depending on your usage of Push Notifications. Notification Hubs is offered in three tiers—free, basic, and standard. Base charge and quotas are applied at the namespace level. Pushes exceeding included amounts are aggregated at the subscription level for each tier. You may find more details about each pricing plan at

Let me explain a bit more about what you need to watch out on each one:

Included pushes per subscription per tier: How many pushes you can send in total to all your Windows apps connected to that MS Account

Namespaces per tier: How many different Windows Apps can each plan support

Active devices per namespace: How many different devices each pricing plan supports

The main reason for having to perform all the steps mentioned above is that we cannot use our MS Developer / Azure Account to activate Push Notifications in your Windows app. A separate account is needed since it is going to have your own credit and personal details within.

What's the price of Windows Push Notification Addon?

iOS & Android push notification addons cost 80€ + VAT since we can provide unlimited push notification messages to unlimited devices.

However, since additional costs are incurred on Windows Push Notifications, the Windows Push Notification Addon costs 30€ + VAT.

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