A website & mobile banner or banner ad is an image intended to promote certain events, products & services or simply to attract the attention of your website visitors and mobile app users. What is more, they can be used as an additional source of revenue in case you decide to sell banner ad space to partners and advertisers.

Looksomething provides you with the ability to have total control over those ads with extensive metrics over each one.


Impressions, sometimes called a view or an ad view, is a term that refers to the point in which an ad is viewed once by a visitor, or displayed once on a web page. The number of impressions of a particular advertisement is determined by the number of times the particular page is located and loaded.

Click-through rate

Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a specific banner ad to the number of total users who view the page this ad is placed. It is commonly used to determine the quality of your advertisements.


Clicks, it the total number of website visitors or mobile app users who actually clicked on the image, in case a URL is provided.

How can I use the above metrics?

To begin with, you can set a maximum impressions limit for each banner ad so that the image will cease displaying as soon as this limit is reached.

Secondly, CTR can be used to identify under-performing ads in order to pause or replace them and identify quality ones so that you can keep displaying them.

Lastly, clicks can be used to let you or your client know how much is the actual traffic generated from each banner ad.

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