Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. Monthly Traffic is the maximum monthly amount of data transfer your site can provide each month, without exceeding the limitations of our hosting plan.

What is your monthly traffic limit?

Our hosting plan for Website & Full Pack (mobile apps & websites) plans include:

  • 100 GB monthly traffic

which is more than enough for most websites.

What happens if I need more?

You can easily increase your website traffic by getting: 

  • 50 GB extra monthly traffic Addon

Addons can be easily purchased for any plan by logging in to your account and clicking Get Addons.

What if I go over the limits set?

Even if monthly traffic is overused, hosting will not be affected in the short term; both websites and mobile applications will continue running normally. However, notification emails will be sent to inform you about each overusage and whether you need to take any action by purchasing the relevant Hosting Addon.

Can I make an estimation of the traffic I am going to need?

There is no way to determine the maximum number of visitors your site can sustain. Each site is different and the amount of traffic you can handle will depend on the resources each visitor is using. 

Where can I read more about website traffic and hosting addons?

For more information regarding our Hosting Policy, we encourage you to visit the relevant article in our Help Center.

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