There is actually no limit on what you can add to your mobile apps since mobile menu can be completely personalised according to your liking. For example, you can add websites, podcasts, videos, social media or any other webpage you want by providing their direct URL.


You can easily add as many podcasts as you wish by creating a Menu URL and placing your podcast's URL (Mixcloud, Soundcloud, etc.) as its destination. You can then choose whether those podcasts will be displayed within your mobile app as WebView or if the user will be taken to an external browser and view them there.

We recommend you to choose them to be viewed within your apps, so that users will not exit your apps, and thus will increase their engagement with your mobile apps.

Video Streaming & Live TV

You can add your video streaming or your Live TV by using a Menu URL. For more info regarding this issue please click here

In case your videos or Live TV are uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo you may also display them in a video gallery. This can be easily done by creating a video gallery item and then assigning it to your mobile menu. Please refer to the relevant article for further information.

Transactions and Donations

It is possible to add transaction or donation buttons to your mobile apps by creating a Menu URL and setting the link of your donation/ transaction page as its destination. However, we strongly recommend setting the link to be opened outside your app and not in WebView

Important fact:

Application store policies are really strict regarding in-app payments/ transactions/ donations and such actions might get your app removed by one or all app stores, in case they violate their policies.

What else can I add?

You can easily add any URL you wish to your mobile menu by viewing our relevant article. However, we advise care when not using content you do not have ownership at. If reported, such actions might get your mobile app removed from stores by Google, Apple or Microsoft in case their copyright policies are violated.

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