Our hosting plan for Website & Full Pack (mobile apps & websites) plans include:

  • 5 GB storage

  • 100 GB monthly traffic

What if I need more?

In case you reach and surpass the above limits then additional resources can be made available by getting the relevant addons. Our Hosting Addons are the following: 

  • 2 GB extra storage for 30€

  • 50 GB extra monthly traffic for 30€

You can get more information regarding our Hosting Policy, traffic & storage allowances and overusages here.

How can I activate a Hosting Addon?

You can easily view all the available Addons for your plan and activate them by visiting your account and clicking the "Get Addons" tab. Notice that our Addons are not sold separately, an active website subscription is required and they have a purchase price and a yearly renewal cost.

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