Radio Player, a built in feature applicable to all our Radio Mobile Apps & Websites,

What do I get?

Getting this feature will add a powerful and multi-functional audio player within your mobile apps and website in order to keep your listeners tuned. Notice that you can add up to two audio streams so that your listeners can easily switch between them e.g. different bitrate qualities.

If your streaming is properly sending metadata then the song title and artist name along with the album cover of the song will also be displayed.

Your app users can easily move in and out of the mobile app, seamlessly enjoying your streaming, while they can easily control it with our user-friendly lock screen and notification bar players.

On the other hand, website visitors can navigate through your website's various pages without any cuts. Besides, website players can be minimised or unpinned from the footer and opened in a new window without stopping the audio streaming.

Modifying your mobile player

Visiting Mobile Player and/or Website Player within your Admin Control Panel allows you to modify all the player's features and its various technical aspects, such as streaming URLs and CODECs. 

Moreover, you can set your radio station's title, motto & logo and optionally add up to two audio streams.

Feel free to view the following articles and the video tutorials included in them to learn more about how you can modify your audio players:

Lastly, you can completely personalise the look of your audio player by visiting Theme Style within your Admin Control Panel.

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