Having a multilingual mobile app & website is a must if you want to conquer foreign markets and reach a wider audience. 

Extra Language, is an Addon available to all our plans & solutions and enables you to make your mobile apps & website available in more languages allowing your web visitors and app users to switch between them using the language switcher.

You can easily add the Extra Language Addon to your plan by visiting your account and navigating to Get Addons.

What's the process?

After purchasing the extra language addon, you will be able to visit Languages within your control panel and start making all the desired translations. Within 22 days, new menus, for the new language(s), will become available allowing you to use completely different website & mobile app structure for each language. Menus can be edited by visiting Menus (Mobile & Website) within your admin control panel.

Notice that there is no limit to the number of languages you can add and each Extra Language Addon is valid for one language.

What can I translate?

Once inside Languages, you can easily browse through the various sections and carry out any desired translations to the core elements of your website & mobile apps. Such elements might be the cookies disclaimer, important notification messages, titles, elements, menu tabs and many other useful texts.

Moreover, you will also be able to translate your General Views items, their metadata, titles, content, set different teaser images and many more.

What will happen to my translations if I don't renew the Extra Language Addon?

Like all other Addons, Extra Language has to be renewed yearly. In case the subscription is not renewed as soon as it expires, there is a high possibility that all your translations will be lost and won't be available in case you decide to reactivate the Addon at a later time.

For more information about the Language section within your admin control panel visit our relevant article.

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