Google AdMob Ads, is an Addon available for some of our plans, and lets you monetize them and earn an additional income from your apps.

*Notice that Google AdMob Addon is available only for iOS & Android mobile apps. Learn more here.

What is Google AdMob Addon?

Google AdMob is an advertising placement service for mobile apps by Google that allow you to display video or image advertisements relevant to your app users and earn money when they view or click them. The more people/users are using your app, the more the profits. Please note that if they click on the ads, the profits of yours are way higher than if they simply skipped them.

On which plans is it available?

The AdMob Addons can be activated on Enterprise & Radio Network mobile plans. Please note that Starter mobile plans contain our own ads while Business plan is ads-free.

What is more, both Addons are not included in Golden Addon in Starter & Business app subscriptions. 

"Ok. But how much money can I earn?"

That is not something that can be answered in a few words. It depends on many factors, such: how many people are actively using your app, how many times they click on the ads, what is their location (e.g. USA users' click-on-ads pay a lot more than users in Africa or Europe), etc.

The sure thing is that if you users using often your app, or even clicking on the ads, you will earn a descent amount of money. What is more, if you manage to increase your app's active users in more than 1.000 users, then we are talking about a descent additional source of income for your Radio Station.

Where can I place AdMob Ads on my mobile apps?

Looksomething apps support smart banners or banner ads and Interstitial Ads, with the first ones being displayed  on the bottom of the screen for as long as the app is active while the latter ones are displayed in full-screen once the app launches. Please mind, that mobile banner positions are fixed and cannot be altered nor increased in number.

How can I set them up on my mobile apps?

In order to activate AdMob Addon on Android & iOS mobile apps you need to:

  1. Get the AdMob Addon

  2. Create your account on AdMob

  3. Set up your Ad units for Android and/or iOS

  4. Send an email to with your Ad unit IDs

  5. Make the last settings to let AdMob check & the ads' display

Let's break the steps down for you:

  1. Get the AdMob Addon

    In case you have an Enterprise or Network app and you have the AdMob Addon or the Golden Addon enabled, you are ready to move to Step#2. Otherwise, login to your account's dashboard at:, then click "Get Addons", and proceed to the check out.

  2. Create your account on AdMob

    It is simple. Just visit & create your account.

  3. Set up your Ad units for Android and/or iOS

    Create 1 Banner Ad unit & 1 Interstitial Ad for each app of yours.

    See how to the Banner Ad unit here & the Interstitial Ad Unit here

    For example, if you have an Android & an iOS app, you must create in total:

    1. Android:

      1. Banner Ad Unit ID: ca-app-pub-123456789012345/123456

      2. Interstitial Ad Unit ID:ca-app-pub-123456789012345/123456

    2. iOS:

      1. Banner Ad Unit ID:ca-app-pub-123456789012345/123456

      2. Interstitial Ad Unit ID:ca-app-pub-123456789012345/123456

  4. Send an email to with your Ad unit IDs

    Copy all your Ad-unit ids, and send us an email mentioning which unit is for which app and which specific type of ad it represents.

    Please do not make any mistake in explaining what id refers to which app, as the ads will not work at in the end.

    You can easily recognise IDs; for example banner ads IDs look like "ca-app-pub-1847075713715043/768760"

  5. Make the last settings to let AdMob check & enable the ads' display

    General Settings for your ads:

    No matter if you have an Android or/and an iOS app, you need to add your personal AdMob code snippet on your website, so that AdMob crawls it and allows you to publish apps.

    You will probably need your developer's assistance in that.

    Please follow all the process that is described here:

    Settings for your iOS app:

    In case you want to add AdMob ads in your iOS app, we will have to run a process for you.

    Your iOS app must be hosted in your own Apple Developer Account. In case you have not provided us access in it please contact per email: right away.

    Then, we will have to go to, login to your Account and update the marketing url information, by putting your website where your snippet is already posted. All this requires an update of your app to be submitted on the Store which will be done from us for free.

    So, you easily realise that providing us access to your Apple Developer Account & at the App Store Connect, is a vital issue.

In case you need more information regarding the creation of your AdMob account or about setting up your IDs please refer to this article.

In all this process, our experienced stuff, will be there to assist you.

You may contact us per email at: or, or by texting us on our Live Chat Box on our website,

or calling us on WhatsApp: +30 6941431301

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