Google AdMob Ads, is an Addon available for mobile apps and can be easily activated by logging in to your account and clicking Get Addons.

Notice that Google AdMob Addon is available for iOs & Android mobile apps, whereas MS Ads Addon was available for Windows Apps. 

However, as of June 1, 2020, the Microsoft Ad Monetization platform for Windows apps is shut down. Learn more here.

What is Google AdMob Addon?

Google AdMob is an advertising placement service for mobile apps by Google that allow you to display video or image advertisements relevant to your app users and earn money when they view or click them.

On which plans are they available?

Both Addons can be activated on Enterprise & Radio Network mobile plans. Please note that Starter mobile plans contain our own ads while Business plan is ads-free.

What is more, both Addons are not included in Golden Addon in Starter & Business app subscriptions. 

Where can I place AdMob Ads on my mobile apps?

Looksomething apps support smart banners or banner ads and Interstitial Ads, with the first ones being displayed  on the bottom of the screen for as long as the app is active while the latter ones are displayed in full-screen once the app launches. Please mind, that mobile banner positions are fixed and cannot be altered nor increased in number.

How can I set them up on my mobile apps?

In order to activate AdMob Addon on Android & iOS mobile apps you need to:

  1. Get the AdMob Addon

  2. Create your account on AdMob

  3. Set up your Ad units for Android and/ or iOS

  4. Send an email to with your Ad unit IDs

Regarding step number 4, you will have to provide us with one Ad unit ID for each banner Ad and on for each Interstitial Ad.

For example, if you want to display one banner ad on your iOS mobile app you will have to create one Ad unit ID. In case you want to display ads on your Android mobile app as well you need to set up two Ad unit IDs, one for the android app and one for the iOS one.

You can easily recognise IDs; for example banner ads IDs look like "ca-app-pub-1847075713715043/768760"

In case you need more information regarding the creation of your AdMob account or about setting up your IDs please refer to this article.

You cannot activate the MS Ads Addon on Windows apps, since it is no longer supported by Microsoft. You can learn more here.

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