Mobile Push Notifications, a feature available for all our mobile apps, is offered as an Addon and can be purchased by logging in to your account and clicking Get Addons.

They are not a stand-alone service and they are only compatible with our mobile applications. Note that the number of push messages you can send annually is unlimited. 

What are mobile push notifications and how do they work?

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device and prompts its user to perform an action. 

Each time your mobile app is downloaded and depending on the operating system it is installed the user might be asked whether or not to allow Push Notifications to be delivered to his device. iOS apps require a user to grant permission for an app to send them push notifications, by showing a standard alert, while Android does not.

Why send a push message? 

If used correctly, push notifications, can be an effective way to speak directly to your mobile app users as they are immediate and hard to miss.  They don't get caught in spam filters, or forgotten in an inbox — click-through rates can be twice as high as email. 

They are perfect for keeping your users updated, announcing new features or sending promotional offers as you can link users directly to that feature or landing page. They’re also great for re-engaging inactive users and bringing them back to your mobile app or driving them to other marketing channels, such as social networks.

Is it easy to create and send a push notification message?

Creating a push notification is as easy as sending an email or as sending a text message to a friend. Our Push Notifications service, allows any user, technical or not, to send notifications easily from his Admin Control Panel, at any time. 

They can be sent instantly, scheduled to be sent once or repeatedly sent on specific dates and times. For more information about how you can create, edit & send push notifications using your control panel please view our relevant article.

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