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Supported audio streaming and CODECS - troubleshooting
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If your application stops streaming, there is a series of checks you can perform before contacting tech support, that might solve the issue.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your streaming is up and running. You can do so by locating your streaming URL, copying and then pasting it on any media player e.g. VLC media player. If still no sound is produced then most probably your streaming is down and you need to contact your streaming provider. 

Selecting the proper CODEC

If your streaming is broadcasting normally on the media player but still not on your mobile application you should confirm that the proper CODEC is selected for that streaming URL, within your Admin Control Panel. We support every CODEC that is supported by each operating system separately e.g. MPEG, MP3, C+ etc. 

Supported audio formats and CODECS

You can easily check your CODEC within your Admin Control Panel. Feel free to visit the following articles to find more information about it:

In case you are not sure about which CODEC you should pick feel free to contact us on live chat or at

Stream Cuts

Again, if you experience regular stream cuts you need to ensure that your streaming is always up and running without any interruptions. You can do this by directly contacting your streaming provider or by performing the process mentioned above. In case you are over mobile network, you should check your bitrate; sometimes a high bit rate over mobile data might lead to periodic short stream drops due to the high amount of data your device is required to download in a short time.

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