All our subscriptions have a purchase and a yearly renewal cost. Once a subscription expires and up to 22 days afterwards, Looksomething delivers email notifications, providing details about the renewal process.

What will happen if I do not renew my subscription?

All plans remain active for up to 22 days after a subscription expires. After that interval and if a renewal payment is not made:

  • Your website will be unpublished

  • Your mobile applications will become non-functional for all existing users

  • Any Addons will be removed

Can I renew my subscription at a later time?

It is possible to renew your subscription at any time after your plan has expired; Looksomething keeps a backup of all past mobile apps and websites for up to 4 months.

Please click here, in order to view more information about the renewal process, or refer to our Terms & Conditions, Paragraph 10, for more information on the matter.

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